After Care

Tattoo After Care

Do not pick or scratch! Do not soak in salt water, chlorinated water, even bath water, shower instead, and wash with a lightly scented soap as opposed to something with a LOT of scent. Do not wash with anything abrasive such as a wash cloth, a puff etc. Use your hand and some lather from the soap. Leave your wrap on for 2 - 12 hours, after application of the tattoo. When removing the wrap make sure your hands are clean, then wash the tattoo lightly, and apply some of the lotion you were given with the tattoo. Do not expose to sunlight; sunburns on new tattoos will not only hurt really badly, they will fade your color and you will have to get a touch up. Apply your lotion 3-4 times a day, light thin coats, rubbing in completely so as to not have the lotion form a crust on the surface of the tattoo. If you have any problems with the tattoo contact the tattooist.

Tip: Tattoos, when initially healing, do not do well in the sun, or soaking in salt water, chlorinated water, or even bath water, so summer is generally NOT a great time to get tattoos. Get them in the early spring, or fall, and then they'll be completely healed for the summer months when you want to show them off and you won't be inconvenienced by having to baby them.

Piercing Aftercare

After care for each body part pierced varies slightly, but all in all, never touching the new piercing with dirty hands, keeping it washed with sea salt water and making sure it doesn't get bumped, pulled or tugged in anyway, is a good start to taking care of the piercing. I give out a pamphlet with each piercing, just so you will know the dos and don'ts of looking after your new piercing.