Shop Policies

The following are rules that MUST be adhered to:

  • Due to people getting tattoos and then informing me after the work is completed that they are unable to pay at that time I will need to see money up front, or the appointment with not proceed.
  • I have been asked to do a significant amount of art work where the people either never come back or they decide on different ideas and I'm left with artwork that I will never be able to use again. So, I am forced to put a fee on artwork commissioned. This fee depends on the type and size of the artwork.
  • There have been far too many instances of customers not showing for appointments, which means I've lost an appointment that I could have made available to someone else. So, I am putting a 15 minute grace period in place. If you are over 15 minutes late and have not alerted me to the fact that you are going to be late, then your appointment will then be given to the next customer.
  • My shop is clean and sterile, all of my equipment is single use and sanitary. I have been asked to do house/tattoo parties and my policy is, if you all want to come to the shop and have a party there, then we can arrange something, otherwise I am not comfortable going into an environment that I am not controlling the cleanliness.