Welcome to Ancient Elements Tattoo

Just a reminder that the new hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday- 1pm-6pm, and Saturday- 10am-6pm. If you have any questions, or wish to book an appointment, please call during those hours. Thank you very much. (499-0695)
I just posted a bunch of new drawings up on the photo page, have a looksie! Please check it out.

Now accepting Mastercard and Visa and any debit cards with the Mastercard and Visa symbols on them.


Fall time is here yet again, seems like summer was cut short. Did you know that this time of year is the best time to get tattoos? Your ink will be all healed by the time summer rolls around and you can show off that tattoo.

Offering UV reactive tattoos now as well. There's a picture of one that I put on my husband in the tattoo photos. Check it out!

Ancient Elements Has A New Phone Number : 902-499-0695 You can text or call for an appointment.

A couple reacting to the repeal of DOMA
The tattoo in it's initial stages
A very small part of this tattoo.
My husband and me.